Our Rider Team... We're on the lookout!

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It could be the start of something beautiful.

Team question mark 1.jpg

It's worth a shot.

Think of the fame and glory.

Team question mark 4.jpg

Pretty please.

We'll treat you well. We promise. 

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You know you want to.

There's a big hole in our heart...


Interested in joining the riders team?

We want real, fresh, super sexy, wild and funny (we can send more adjectives if you want them) riders to come on board and join the Friski Family. GIRLS, GUYS, SKIIERS, BOARDERS you're all welcome we don't discriminate.


Think that could be you?

Drop us an email to getfriski@friskiwear.com with a little something about yourself and why you think you should be apart of the Friski Family. If you have any edits of you shredding throw them in too, along with your social media handles so we can check you out! Oh and don't make it boring... We want our riders to be just like we are, game for adventure and centre stage when après calls. 

Ps. We were joking about the sexy thing, I mean it's a bonus of course but if you embody the Friski ethos, then you're all good with us. Even if you have a face for radio. 





We want our Friski family to be big, loving and as good as can be. That means we aren't just recruiting for a rider team. There is a lot of work that goes on in the background for a whole host of different activities to keep the cogs turning and keep pushing us forward to be bigger and better. If you think you can help us in our journey GET IN TOUCH. If you have past experience, or want new experience, if you think you have something we want or need (we might not even know it yet) then drop us an email on getfriski@friskiwear.com. Send us a short profile about yourself, past experience, age that kind of thing and then most importantly how you envisage you will benefit the brand. Be proactive! Put yourself out there and we promise to do the same. If there is a way to make it fit we will do everything we can on this end to make something happen. 


We are talking content creators, influencers, marketers, accountants, designers the list is endless. We want you, we want to work with you. Big families are best and we all know you don't have to be related to be a family, so come and join ours.