FRISKI WeAR. The Brand.


Friski Wear is a rider owned, winter lifestyle and technical wear company born in the UK with it’s heart in the Alps. Taking inspiration from simple and functional design that works on and off the mountain our range embodies this and we work hard to ensure each product fits with our ethos and our message.


Our mantra:

“Adventure then après”

The way we see it, we applaud the adventurous and fully endorse you celebrating with your friends at après afterwards. 

It’s all about getting out there and doing something. We hope that in doing so you will realise that one of the best parts of the epic experience is sharing it with your pals afterwards and what better way is there than having an ice cold beer at après? We’ve searched high and low and with our endless wisdom, we haven’t found one. 

We roadtrip, we party, we faceplant (alot) and Friski Wear keeps us all looking fresh while we do it.

This is the essence of the brand and that is why with the Friski Family, we are trying to advocate a lifestyle through the products that we sell and the things that we do. We want all of you out there to get a little Friski in all avenues of your life. Get excited. Get out there. Let the mountain be your playground.