Sizing guides


As you can see from the website, all of our items are unisex sizing. This may seem pretty confusing at first but in reality it's all pretty easy and you are likely to end up with the size you would normally purchase. Our clothing is designed to fit all body shapes and sizes and of course make you look damn fine while doing it. For more information, see below our sizing tables for both guys and girls to see what sizes we recommend based on some basic measurements. If you're still unsure, or you want more information on the fit of a specific item no biggie, just drop us an email at stating you need some urgent sizing help and we will get back to you pronto. Normally with your height, body shape and the fit you like (we can roll with the super steeze look) then we can give you a pretty bang on recommendation and have you looking sexy in your Friski Wear gear in no time. 

So without further ado-

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 19.36.23.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 20.10.13.png

AND, of course don't forget we have an easy returns and exchanges process if you need to switch up a size just head to for all the info you need.