Our commitment


"Climate change is now a

very real and imminent threat."


Climate change is a threat which directly affects the very lifestyle we are a proponent of. As the planet warms, the ice caps, the glaciers and the snow, melts. There is no other conclusion, if we want to continue shredding the white stuff now and for future generations, something has to be done.

We all need to act now to face this existential threat.

Whilst we appreciate the big changes need to be enacted on a global scale, we also feel strongly that small but consistent improvements by the little guys (us) can make a difference. I mean we certainly do not want to contribute unnecessarily to the problem and we would ask you to do the same. Put it this way you would be stupid not to.

Our commitment is that in all avenues of our business and our ethos we will strive to do all that we can to protect the mountains we hold so dear.
— Hez & Big Fat Kev. Friski Wear Tree Huggers


Here are some of the things we do here at Friski Wear HQ to tackle the problem:



Reducing the amount of carbon we use is one of the most helpful things we can do to tackle the problem, so we look at this two-fold. Firstly where possible we try to source sustainably and locally, using manufacturers in the UK when viable, even as close as Manchester (Friski's HQ in the UK when not in the mountains) so the product doesn't even have an hour journey to get home. When a manufacturer close to home isn't an option, we opt for the delivery method with the lowest carbon footprint. Secondly we want to lessen the carbon footprint our adventures carry with them, on The Friski Roadtrip we embarked on, for example, we used the website www.carbonfootprint.com to calculate our CO2 emissions and then offset them buy funding tree planting projects. We plan to do the same for our business travel to and from the slopes this season.



This is an important one for us and we tackle it from a few different angles. Our outer packaging on delivery is biodegradable so you won't see any Friski packages filling up landfill. We try to keep as much as we can digital, that means instead of printing off your invoice and putting it in your package on delivery (wasting paper!) it is instead emailed you to along with your order confirmation. Any one seen wasting resources at Friski HQ has to naked starfish in the snow, it's an iron clad agreement we have. We also donate any of our excess stock to wellspring centres and clothes banks to help those in need during the cold winter months.



We actively seek to participate in and support any charities that organise local efforts to help fight against climate change. From mountain clean up efforts to donations where we can.

If you are a small charitable organisation or group that is actively combating climate and general issues in the mountains or winter sports and think that we could help, then please do get in touch. We want to get involved with local action as much as possible! Drop us an email on getfriski@friskiwear.com.