🚕 The Friski Roadtrip 2017 🚗


When you launch a brand new winter clothing brand, you need to get the name out there. You need to get the product out there. Where? Everywhere and anywhere there’s snow. Who? Everyone who loves snow. How? By taking the Friski Landrover Defender on THE most epic roadtrip through the alps!

So that was it, we packed our beloved Defender 110 to the brim, and hit the road. With ‘Lead Foot’ Kev behind the wheel the British and French countryside wizzed past in a green blur. DJ Paul was chief track selector and co-driver in strategic places (to ensure the teams survival), and little Hez was lost somewhere in the back under a mountain of stock, skis and snowboards.


The snow gods toyed with us in the months leading up to the roadtrip. With no decent falls, we were prepared for every single run to be green for all the wrong reasons, and we were ready for the best apres focused road trip the alps had ever seen. However, we were in luck! As we rolled into Chamonix, the home of the alps, we were greeted with a huge dump of the white stuff! Even better was the week of blue birds that followed!


And with that, The Friski Roadtrip truly kicked off in style, and over the next three weeks we were to hit a grand total of six of Europe’s great ski resorts, across three countries. Want to hear and see the best bits of what we got up to? Well luckily we’ve got the highlights below, so all you have to do is read on :)


Power and parties were the order of the week in Chamonix. Grand Montets was faster than Leadfoot Kev behind the wheel and La Vallee Blanche provided some insane powder conditions. With a face full of pow, we descended upon Chambre Neuf each day for après. Their live band cranked out all the hits, warming us up for Le Cave which always ensured rising the next morning wasn't too easy ;)

For a more sophisticated drink and quality music in a quality venue, La Maison des Artistes (The Jazz Club) is an absolute must!




After a week of powder in France, we thought we'd whip out the passports and check out what Italian powder is all about. So we made our way to the infamous Mont Blanc Tunnel and after a nervous 15 minutes stopped right in the middle due to an emergency signal, we managed to get out the other side into Italy.

After convincing Kev that just because we were in Italy, it didn't mean we had to go to the pizzeria for breakfast (we promised him we'd go there for lunch), we took the lift to the top of the mountain and had an incredible day of blue skies, big turns and pizza (of course). If we thought the mountain was fast, you should have seen how quick the drinks were flowing at Super G at the end of the day for a huge après session. Well played Italy!


St Gervais

It was back to the land of cheese and terrific moustaches to hit the stunning little village of St Gervais. After a morning of meetings, we got on the slopes for some packed but fast conditions. A few hours of shooting content and even little Hez was hungry, not to mention thirsty. Enter the most impressive La Folie Douce in the alps (in our opinion). Nestled on top of one of the resorts' peaks, it offers insane 360 degree views of the alps and an unrivaled view of Mont Blanc.



Val D’Isere

Welcoming everyone’s favourite Irishman to the squad (sorry Kev) here we picked up our good friend Max Rantz McDonald en route to Val D. His addition meaning DJ Paul now had a legit MC, so we had one serious party wagon cruising over to Val D’Isere. Once we arrived, there was no slowing us down as we took over Saloon Bar Val D’Isere for the evening with DJ Paul spinning some heat, Hez hyping the punters and Big Kev unleashing his famous finger pointer dance moves.
Great planning on our behalf meant our hangover cure was a day of filming! Honourable mention to Max for his filming efforts, and to Jerry (DJ Paul) for being the only one stupid enough to risk his life down a sketchy chute. Anything ‘for the footy (footage)’ apparently.



Val Thorens

As we said a teary farewell to one epic content creator (Max), we entered Val Thorens and said hello to another - the legendary/infamous Will Derrick. By the time we reached VT it had been a while since snowfall, so the cover was getting a little thin, which gave us the perfect excuse to have a Friski Park sesh with a whole heap of legends. Gary, Jeppe, James and Cam all joined us to send it Friski style, and boy did they send it!

After a big park sesh, there’s only one place you’ll find us - in the après bar telling everyone just how big we went. Andf in Val Thorens, there is absolutely no better place to do this then Cafe Snesko. Combining a fire show with the strongest poured drinks in the alps seems like a recipe for disaster. However, for some reason, in Cafe Snesko it just works and you'll find yourself singing along to your favourite classics with a bar full of new best friends. It also just happened to be the night DJ Paul spun the wheels of steel for our second big event, this time teaming up with Klub Summit for a big night of giveaways, joss shots and bad dancing into the early hours of the morning!




If you’re going to finish off an epic roadtrip, you may as well do it in style. So we did. Arguably the most prestigious resort in the alps, we set off for the spectacular drive to Switzerland. Should we have packed our Passports? Yes. Did we? No. But we didn’t let that stop us (ie. there was no one at the border). We were lucky to have just enough fresh snow overnight that we claimed the session as a powder day and the trip was well worth the €300 lift pass and €17 croissant! (note: this is a slight exaggeration)


And then, just as quick as it started, the Friski Road Trip was over. We want to say a huge thanks to everyone that joined, all the venues we worked with, with a special shoutout to Saloon Val D’Isere and Klub Summit for hosting our events and a big thanks to all the shredders who joined us. As always, a special mention to all the Jerry’s out there too.

Here at Friski Wear, we realise that driving a Landrover Defender 5000 km through the alps has a serious impact on carbon emissions. Reducing our impact on the environment is a big part of the Friski Wear ethos, and so we've calculated the amount of CO2 produced on this trip and offset it by planting trees in the UK. We produced a total of 1.5 t of CO2, and with the help of carbonfootprint.com we offset this by planting 2 trees in Northern Ireland, which will offset a total of 2t of CO2. And we even got a certificate to show to our mums!

Carbon Offset Certificate.jpg


So the big question… What’s in store for 2018?

You’ll have to wait and see ;)

Kevin McLean