🏂 The Friski 2017/18 Gear Guide ⛷

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It's all about making the most out of your time in these mountains.

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Everybody loves reading a new seasons gear review. I mean aside from getting us all giddy with anticipation for the new season and that first snow flake to fall, they are also essential for staying up to date with the items that are going to up your snow game. They say that an oldie is a goodie and trust us one of our founders has a garage chock full of vintage ski gear that would be the envy of the slopes. However, even those fond reminiscers have to admit that top gear on the mountain can be the difference between a glorious day shredding or a few shitty hours you'd maybe wish you stayed in bed nursing your hangover. 

It pays to stay updated and there are a few comprehensive ski, board and gear review guides that we would always point you in the direction of:

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Guys, we love your work but you aren't the only ones worth reading. Here at Friski Wear we like to put a fresh spin on our gear reviews and instead point you in the direction of brands that you might not have heard of but deserve the exposure and credit all the same. To the little-er guys (just like us) we salute you. This stuff is fly, promise. 



White Dot Skis

White dot are European-built freeride skis. They have a clean design (white dots no less) and it works, they look sexy, no fuss and recognisable. So when you are hitting that drop people are going to see the planks you're nailing it in. The real winner for us however, when it comes to White Dot Skis are their Carbonlite.Series. According to their website they blend Flax and Carbon fibre to replace the fiber-glass layers they would normally use for their traditional construction to produce a ski that is 25% lighter by comparison. Thats like chopping off a quarter of the ski! Imagine the relief when trekking to the lifts... Now this screams perfect for touring, but not only that a stiff heavy ski might allow us to rip those big groomers but it is always more tiring on our legs. This reduction in weight allows a skier to be more reactive, increase overall agility and spend even more time frolicking in the floaty white stuff. 

J Skis

We want to throw out a special mention to J Skis too. Ok so you might have heard of them and if you haven't why not? Why? Well because with a solid construction, artist graphic and individual number you have yourself a one of a kind masterpiece. The idea born by Jason Levinthal (the skier that started Line Skis and Full Tilt boots, yes him.) He wanted to change the game and sell one of a kind skis, factory direct to you and boy has he done it well. He's one of the good guys. The graphics are wild, the skis great and we feel a real affinity with the message of this brand. 



Nix Snow Co

Now these are ones that are almost definitely a hidden, secret gem and we're not talking dirty little secret here because everyone should hear about these masters. The guys over at Nix Snowsports are Brits just like us and that makes us happy. That's not why they made the list however, we don't discriminate based on where you are from. No sir! Bespoke, custom made snowboards. Yep, you heard us right. Not only snowboards but skis too. Now that is why they have made the list. Combining British craftsmanship, exceptional functionality centred around you and the greenest credentials we can't wait to get ourselves a pair. Only launching in the 2016/17 season we think they have big things to come.



Panda poles

100% bamboo poles. They are sustainable, the bamboo has a higher tensile strength than aluminium and a greater strength to weight ratio than graphite. Oh and the baskets and handles are customisable. What more could you ask for? They prefer to call them magic ski wands and they are not wrong.



Now from head to toe...





Great for when you need to match every outfit because let's be honest you wouldn't be here if you weren't concerned with looking good on the mountain. The Custom Revolt's allow you to pick your frame, lense and strap so that you can curate your own personalised goggle that screams you. The extra touch we really like, is they allow you to purchase extra lenses and straps so that you can switch up your design to look good everyday of the week. Erm, we mean for functionality reasons... Not only do they talk the talk, they walk the walk too. With 4KO optical lenses they enhance contrast and optimise clarity. 

Anon WM1 or M1

This is a specific thing, these look amazing but their functionality is second to none. Comfortable fit with a lense system that is inspired. A magnetic strip around the goggle frame means your lenses are interchangeable. I'm talking on the mountain, top of the slope the white out sets in and in seconds you can have a suitable lense switched in. Especially easy when the goggles come with 2 different lenses for different occasions as part of your initial purchase. I personally have face planted in these so hard that I came out with my lips looking like a Kardashian (photographic evidence can be requested) and the lenses didn't even move. I can't recommend them enough. 



Friski Wear

Us duh. Head to our technical underwear to get yourself the best base layers this season. They work and man do they look good. One of the one's we're proud of. (Them and our technical hoodie but don't get us started on that , there is going to be a very special dedicated blog post for that.)




Aside from being able to switch up the colours, the real beauty of this snow wear is the features you can customise. Prefer a zip in a different location? Need an extra one? Want to add a bib to your salopettes for a deep pow day? All these features can be added/removed and more, meaning that essentially you can curate the perfect outerwear for every occasion. We've taken this outfit to the land of the deep and steep (JAPOW) and the features and technical waterproofing all hold up. 



10 Peaks Gloves

C-zip technology, that is all we need to say. You know when you think about creating something that is so useful, addresses a need and is simple all in the same vein? Well, 10 Peaks Gloves have quite literally done exactly that. If you are a skier or boarder you will appreciate these gloves. Simply put a zipper runs across the top of the gloves just behind your knuckles allowing you to easily slip your hands in and out of the gloves without the need to remove the whole thing. If only to save the terror of almost dropping both your gloves and phone when you're on a ski lift trying to make a call or take a picture these gloves are worth it in our eyes. Head over to their website to check them out. They have a handy video explaining the simple beauty of the technology.




For snowsports these would be the only socks we recommend. Not because they are the only ones offering great tech specs for your footsies, simply because they do all the tech stuff and look so damn good while they are at it. Check the designs and try not to buy a pair. We dare you. While you're there picking some up for the winter season don't blame us if you end up getting several more pairs, they now cover socks for training, running, adventure and everything in between. Our personal favourite, Sage Kotsenburg's Golden Veins. 




Now you're covered from head to toe. All the gear (hopefully all the idea). You're welcome. Go forth and buy...